III Cumbre FinTech Iberoamerica (Panamá)

The Iberoamerican FinTech Alliance has celebrated their 3rd yearly Summit in Panama with FinTech Associations Representatives of more than 20 countries of the Iberoamercian region 🌍.

The largest FinTech Initiative in the world. After 2 days in the BID in the 1st Meeting of the FinTech Ecosystem organized by BID, the Alliance has their yearly meeting to discuss the next activities and the new presidence for this year, Paulo Deitos Filho from Brasil, after the presidence of Mexico (2018) & Spain (2017). Let’s go!!

Thanks for all the support and let’s keep working more for the Financial Inclusion, Education & FinTech  ▶ FintechUnitesPeople

More information: http://fintechiberoamerica.com/