About me

Rodrigo Garcia de la Cruz, a prominent global Tech influencer, serves as the CEO and founder of Finnovating, an AI-Deal Matching Platform that connects over 100,000 tech companies from 130 countries with corporations.

He also pioneered MatchGPT®, the world’s first Match GPT dedicated to fostering B2B collaborations and accelerating business for tech and innovation companies.

Rodrigo has co-founded several prominent organizations conecting more than ecosystem from more than 60 countries.

Some of them are:

His passion for innovation also led him to become a founding partner of FinTech Ventures, through which he has invested in more than 15 startups.

Prior to his entrepreneurial journey, Rodrigo built a solid foundation in the financial sector, spending 15 years in multinational companies including Citibank, Barclays, Santander, and Renault.

He has launched and managed the first Master in FinTech en Europe in 2012 in IEB and the first Master in Insurtech in AFI in 2020.

Academically, Rodrigo holds several prestigious qualifications. He is a Robotics Industrial Engineer and possesses a BA in Business Administration. He also earned a Master’s in Management of Financial Institutions from the IEB, and completed an Excellence Program in International Financial Markets at the London School of Economics.

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